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Remote teams & technology solutions for entrepreneurs.

why SAMO Technologies?

Being a founder is not easy

We help you build a remote team.
We deal with recruiting, interviewing, hiring and managing top talent so you focus on what really matters: delivering business value .

your success is our success.

We hire talent tailored to your needs.

We source our talent from all over world. We look for excellent communication skills and the right technical knowledge. Europe, Latin America and USA, we make sure you get the person that is going to help your business where it needs to be. We know how to spot the talent, because we have done it before. We are veterans of the silicon beach boom.

We are all in the same digital office

Remote team members allow you to expand the pool of talent you have available. Get your idea out there with people that know how to.

A True Team Member

We believe in true integration of remote members into the daily stand-ups/scrum meetings and culture of your company. See their faces, get to know them a real team member of your cyber office.

have an amazing idea?

SAMO Technologies is here to help you bring your ideas to life.

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our process

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of more of one decade of working in the industry.


request for candidates

Tell us the set of skills that you are looking for and the technologies they should know. Not sure about the complete skills or technologies that you should be using? Don’t worry—we’re here to help.


candidates introduction

We select the candidates from our pool of talent that fits your needs, check their resumes, salary requirements, and time zones.


interview and evaluation

We schedule a call between you and the candidates so you know each other better. You can also forward us any code challenge or exercise you would like them to take before/during the call in advance so we can speed up the process.



Once you give us your approval, our engineers are quickly integrated into your team.

meet the crew

A passionate group of experienced designers, developers and programmers motivated to continually reach goals and tackle new challenges

Cisco A.
Head of Operations - Unites States
Dmitry Kireev
SRE Advisor